Erica K, Stoney Creek, Ontario:

Breton Naturals has become a non-negotiable staple in my skincare routine. The love and care taken, using only the most natural ingredients yields the most gorgeous skin, hydrated and glowing.

Robyn C, Guelph, Ontario:

Been struggling for years with stress acne and could not find anything to lessen the scars, until I used Moisture Plus with Hyaluronic Acid regularly! After one month of applying it to my face each night before bed, I saw a significant decrease in the redness and found my skin was smoother! Avocado Gentle Day Cream is a wonderful product for those cold months where your sensitive skin gets dry and angry! You don't need much and it leaves your skin feeling rich and happy!

Nina T, Mississauga, Ontario:

My hyper-sensitive skin has given me many challenges over the years and the Avocado Gentle Day Cream has been the product I’ve been searching for. The owner of the company was so kind to even help me by making some special balms to soothe my eczema. Beautiful products made with the highest quality ingredients and care.

Brigette K, St. Peters, Nova Scotia:

Since my teenage years, I’ve been religious about daily face moisturizing. Over that time, I’ve dropped a lot of dough on nearly every moisturizer on the planet and yes, even “that one” (hint: rhymes with ma bear). Now approaching my 50’s, I’ve been fortunate to discover the Avocado Day Cream and my skin and wallet have never felt better. What’s more, it’s made from all pure and natural ingredients so I can rest easy knowing I’m keeping harmful chemicals away from my face.

Luke C, Toronto, Ontario:

This beard oil helped me keep my beard healthy and well groomed. Combing it through is easy, it smells great (Archie is my favorite) and leaves my beard so unbelievably soft! If you would like to post a review, please email
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