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Founded by a husband and wife team in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Breton Naturals aims to make daily skincare routines enjoyable. Every product is handmade, using carefully curated formulas and natural ingredients. Hi, my name is Anne and I'm a Master Herbalist and Naturopath. I love finding authentic, natural ingredients and creating new formulas for gorgeous skincare products. I source my ingredients from fair trade producers such as Baraka, whose enterprise helps provide desperately needed jobs and income for the women of Ghana. As a herbalist, I also enjoy using essences and hydrosols made from the abundant herbs and flowers in my own garden. As a naturopath, I'm committed to helping people find natural ways to heal, and this of course, includes their skin. I have crazy sensitive skin myself, and can't wear makeup, or use many of the commercial brands of skincare. Therefore, I decided to develop my own line of skincare, designed for sensitive skin, with no artificial fragrances or colourants, and using natural ingredients as much as possible. We're from scenic Cape Breton Island, part of the Atlantic region of Canada. Cape Breton is in the historic and beautiful province of Nova Scotia, a place that inspired our love of a simpler, more natural life. We live way off the beaten track, and are completely off-grid. Our power comes from the sun, and a spring-fed mountain stream. Breton Naturals products are made using 100% renewable, green energy. We love living in harmony with nature. We're committed to creating authentic, truly handmade skincare products, inspired by the simplicity of nature itself. We have sensitive skin too, so we know what it's like to struggle with skin issues! Therefore we formulate our products specially for sensitive skin, with no artificial colours or fragrances. Find your future beautiful with Breton Naturals.
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Handmade 100% pure, organic essential oils Certified organic, kosher & vegan ingredients Plant-based Cruelty free Ethically sourced Fair Trade ingredients Small batch production Made using renewable green energy Recycled/recyclable packaging No artificial colours No artificial fragrance Woman owned business Made in Canada

Find your future beautiful with Breton Naturals.